Komodo Vs Cobra

This is a silly film. Its all too obviously an attempt to trade off the success of the many many other ‘mega … vs mega …’ movies that one cant really complain that it wasn’t obvious what we were getting into. Not least because the actual fight between said Komodo and Cobra doesn’t even happen until the very end. Anyway, basic premise, secret military laboratory, giant animals, killing everyone, bla bla bla. It has precisely one good jump moment, the cgi is awful and the acting is just what you’d expect. There are some self consciously funny moments, every gun has its ammo setting on unlimited, and the hard nosed boat captain is actually quite good fun. There is also one excellent, as far as I am concerned, running joke where a parrot squarks every time someone says a naughty word. This though is just not quite enough to save this movie from itself.

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