I have done some nominal research and have discovered that since Charles Dickens’s classic novel A Christmas Carol was published in 1843 it has been adapted for TV and film over four billion times. This is particularly impressive considering that the moving image wasn’t really capable of re-creating the story until around the 1900s. Scrooged is just one of these adaptations. It’s probably the second best after A Muppet Christmas Carol because it does what I believe Dickens always intended with the story, makes it pretty funny. Clearly Scrooge is played for laughs in the original book, the phrase ‘humbug’ being so close to the more overtly hilarious ‘bumhug’ but just off enough to get past the notoriously strict mid-18th century censors. The brilliant Bill Murray makes Scrooge just as filthy and fun as he should always have been, ignore those austere and depressing iterations from the 50s and stick to this fun and stupid version. It is a story we should all pay attention to anyway, it reminds us failure to adhere to Christmas like good little Christians means we’ll get haunted and probably die. Seriously, you will die, and probably no one will go to your funeral. You’ll be dead so it won’t matter, but the moral of the story is, if you are rich old git spend all your money before you die so everyone likes you and comes to your funeral.

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