Tracks is like Into the Wild. In fact its almost exactly the same in a lot of respects, just without the depressing ending and overtly philosophical stance. It tells (true) the story of Robyn Davidson, a young woman who decides to trek about a bazillion miles across the Australian desert with nothing but her dog and some camels for company. Along the way she encounters the sort of problems one might expect from such an undertaking, but what has the most impact is the apparent impossibility of escaping the real world of tourists, journalists and people in general. It’s a classic journey of self-discovery tale which works because it doesn’t over state itself. It’s a simple story but it has things to say about the nature of tourism, cultural sensitivity, the Aboriginal peoples place in modern Australia. Also has some interesting facts about camels, but that isn’t as important. Pressing issues the handling of which could have been heavy handed, but it’s played without judgement or overt comment. It’s a slow pace, and not much happens, but it’s a nice vaguely affirming watch.

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