Tokyo Gore Police

Tokyo Gore Police is absolutely as ludicrous as its name suggests. I have previously criticised films for taking themselves too seriously when they are in fact rather silly. Tokyo Gore Police works for precisely this reason though. The violence is absolutely brilliant, there are more limbs removed in this movie than characters with lines, and it’s all done with such a straight face that it simply becomes sublime. We follow Ruka, a member of Tokyo’s now privatised police force fighting against a new threat, the engineers, criminals who have modified themselves so that when they are injured their wounds re-grow as weapons. It’s just that ridiculous. All the action is intercut with little vignettes and adverts which are overtly satirical, but exceptionally well done, I just can’t commend them enough. As the weapons the engineers grow become more insane Ruka becomes more morose, her dedication to the police becomes something more akin to a personal vendetta and the film begins to stray into slightly more sexualised shocks. It’s like Brookers black mirror, exploring ultimate outcomes of current cultural trends, and I am afraid this means we’re all going to have our hands cut off. Its hyper violent body shock schlock, but as far as I am concerned it is essential family viewing.

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