There are quite a few films called Cargo, this one is the one that is all about space and terrible futures and all that. What is immediately noticeable is that everyone in the future isn’t American. See, I thought that Americans would be the only race in the future based on the movies, but, you know, I guess there might be some people who are not American. I was personally going to just put on my best Texas yee-haa accent and see if I couldn’t pretend to be American for long enough to survive the apocalypse. Those of you more attuned to sarcasm (stereotypically speaking, those of you who are not American) might have guessed that this is a Swiss made film. As such it has sort of flown under the radar, it doesn’t even have a rating on ubiquitous tomato based websites. It looks far better than anything with a low budget really deserves to, there are a few concessions to its space decay atmosphere, zero gravity is not a thing in space anymore, and quite why a space craft is so wet is anyone’s guess, but there are some really impressive sets and the CGI, the usual big let down with indie flicks, is very pretty indeed. It’s not the most original story, a kind of mash up of gravity with Alien aesthetics and a healthy dose of the Matrix. But none the less, its serious Swiss attitude and general professionalism mean that it is punching well above its weight.

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