Four Brothers

Four Brothers is the most ridiculous film that is not ostensibly ridiculous I have seen in a long while. What do I mean by ‘ostensibly ridiculous’. Well any film starring aging action heroes, the Staith, Dwayne Escape from Witch Mountain Johnson, and generally taking place in a prison, army base, oil field, all of the above. Four Brothers is set in Detroit, which, whilst you wouldn’t realize by watching the film, is a real place, where real people live. What four Brothers does is replace those real people with insane criminals. Every single character, aside from a cop who hates bent cops, who isn’t even a main character, is criminally insane. Or a murderer. Actually, they are all both. Never before has any film made me not want to go to Detroit quite so much. I just had to keep telling myself that there was absolutely no way this many people can get murdered in one day in the real Detroit. Having checked the crime statistics, there is certainly an issue, but they get through a years’ worth of homicides in a morning in this movie. It’s all some family mystery squad crime solving vigilante thing/death squad. The story is pretty irrelevant, and silly – but then so is everything else in this film. Watch if you want to see guys say things like “jackhammer” before machine gunning a hole in a wall, a man threatening a whole basketball auditorium with a gun and getting away with it, and a car chase in the snow ending in an execution.

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