Escape Plan

I had completely forgotten about Escape Plan – which obviously would have been called Prison Break, had some inconsequential TV not already taken that name. When everyone in my world was going particularly crazy for The Expendables there was this little part of my brain that was repeatedly saying ‘But Stallone and Arnie are doing Escape Plan, I can’t wait for that either’. Then I saw the Expendables and promptly forgot that the other film even existed. That is, until I saw them, just sitting there on my TV, Stallone…Arnie…back to back…How could I forget such a thing? It was like a little surprise for myself. So how is the film? It’s brilliant. Just unadulterated, silly, brilliance. Arnie and Stallone are on the same side, but don’t let this get in the way of a good punch up. Stallone does some wise cracks; Arnie does many many more wise cracks. There is an emotional moment. The best thing about it is Stallone is playing his favorite ‘looks like a thug but it super intelligent’ character – he has even written a white paper about prison security don’t you know. It’s just great. In my experience these guys, in these silly action movies are a little bit marmite. You either think they are brilliant, hilarious, great, amazing, or you think they are getting too old for it. If you fall into the latter category, ask yourself, would the explosions be any less explodey, would the wisecracks be any less funny … would the plot be any less stupid, if anyone but these guys were starring in the film? Never. You’ll never out wisecrack Stallone and Arnie.

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