The Amazing Spider Man II

There is a pretty good movie somewhere in here. The thing is, its ruined, totally and absolutely, by Spiderman. I used to hate Spiderman because far from being a badass, cool, don’t give a shit action hero, he was a kind of wimpy idiot who happened to have spider skills. He was always so emo that I really couldn’t connect. Well he isn’t emo anymore, he is a douche. He swings around in awful CGI mode cracking wise, which, if you have read any of my other ramblings you’ll know I am a huge fan of, but in a spidey suit, it just makes him seem like a cocky shit. Beyond this, I get self referencing, but having the spider man theme as your ring tone, when you are spider man? Just absolutely fuck you. It is that infuriating. It is so frustrating because every other aspect of the film is pretty great. I mean, the villain’s motives are nonexistent, and there is a really self conscious attempt to appeal to ‘the youth’ with unnecessary dubstep moments, but the Peter Parker bits are really enjoyable, and there are some actual heartfelt moments. It is all ruined though by that awful, awful Spider Man.

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