The Wolf of Wall Street

I am not usually a fan of films with narration. It seems like a bit of a cop out, a bit lazy, a bit like the film makers couldn’t quite come up with a way to convey everything they wanted to, or the actors don’t quite have the range. The last resort is to just have them say what is going on inside their brains out loud. Not the case here through, the absolute honesty of the narration here is what makes it brilliant. The films basic philosophy is that getting rich is easy, at least it was a little while back, so easy in fact that if you are not rich then basically you are either too lazy, too stupid, or perhaps to honest, and really you deserve absolutely no sympathy. It’s exceptionally assholey about it as well, and this makes it gloriously good fun. No one really believes this, even if it was once true, I guess banking regulations have come a long way. But the tales of ludicrous mansions, beautiful (really, honestly beautiful) cars, insane parties and ridiculous yachts are so endearingly jealousy inducing that it almost makes one want to believe that there is still millions to be made and smuggled into accounts manned by fantastic Swiss bankers. It is so easy to watch because no one really has a bad time in this film, even when bad things are happening, money makes bad things far more exciting than the everyday normal bad things that happen to the rest of us. It all comes back to that narration, its what holds this philosophy together, what explains it, and what makes it all seem more realistic. Well it is based on a true story after all, how true? I am sure we’ll never know.

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