Dead Mine

Dead Mine is genre horror at its most generic. This isn’t such a bad thing, the production values are high so it looks pretty good and its got some nice creepy moments. Just don’t expect the plot of the century or anything, and if heavily stereotyped and typical horror characters are a turn off then this isn’t for you. There is a hint at some sort of depth concerning the military mindset and the complexity, socially speaking, of the Japanese role in WWII, but you certainly shouldn’t expect to take anything profound away from the film. The eponymous Dead Mine has actually been militarized at some point during the war to make it a little more interesting, and although it comes off looking a little like one (or more) of the zones in the Crystal Maze, its plenty creepy enough in its own right. It almost certainly could have been improved if Richard O’Brien had shown up every now and then cracking wise. Anyway, O’Briens absence aside the film starts off with some pretty nice jump scares, which sort of dissipate later on in favor of a more stalk and slash sort of vibe. I won’t reveal how all this goes down because even though you should have it all worked out at about fifteen minutes in the film escalates in a couple of potentially unexpected ways. So Dead Mine, its a proficient horror with some good moments, but about as original as its name suggests.

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