I, Frankenstein

Big shot Movie Person: “So, you have come with a script for a Frankenstein movie? I have to say we thought that had been done before, but I guess you can get some play out of doing a really great re-animation sequence, we have a lot better CGI technology…”
Film Maker: “re-animation sequence?”
BSMP: “Yeah, where electricity courses through the recumbent monsters deformed body and he roars as he awakens from his deathly slumber, it will be great”
FM: “oh…erm…we didn’t actually bother with the part where he gets re-animated”
BSMP: “You didn’t? you must have something better then?”
FM: “Oh yeah of course, we have gargoyles”
BSMP: “gargoyles? what the? what do gargoyles have to do with anything?”
FM: “They are like … the guardians of the earth against the demons”
BSMP: “Oh they are metaphoric? The demons are in the monsters mind?”
FM: “No, they are just demons, and the gargoyles have to kill them”
BSMP: “ok…where does the monster fit in to all this?”
FM: “He is going to help them”
BSMP: “The demons?”
FM: “No, the gargoyles”
BSMP: “I have to say I am a little confused, I mean the gargoyles vs demons thing sounds kind of cool I suppose, but I don’t know why Frankenstein needs to be a part of it, tell me that he at least has a bolt in his neck?”
FM: “We didn’t write a bolt into the script, I guess he can have a bolt…”
BSMP: “ok, how much money do you think were looking at for this, are those gargoyles going to be expensive?”
FM: “We are thinking about sixty four million on CGI gargoyles, and another million for CGI demons”
BSMP: “that is a lot, how much are apple giving you?”
FM: “apple?”
BSMP: “the ifrankenstein isn’t an apple product placement deal?”

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