The Disco Exorcist

I was fully prepped to be writing one of those ‘its so bad its good’ reviews here. The thing is though, that doesn’t really apply here. This film is just brilliant. Its a low budget masterpiece. From the first title, the one which reads “the producers have no memory of the making of this motion picture”, you know you are in for something special. Honestly, its absolutely hilarious. What this isn’t though is one of those films where the special effects are hilarious, but everything else is played straight, just everything is hilarious. Its outstandingly immature though, if you consider yourself to be a sophisticated, high brow horror snob type, the Disco Exorcist isn’t for you. Go and watch some Gordon Lewis films and report back when your penchant for gore is satisfied, but you are left wanting a bit more silliness. The film vaguely follows the plot of the Exorcist but is set primarily in a 70s-tastic disco. That is, I suppose, the main difference. It is certainly not trying to be a remake, but aside from this it is pretty true to the original. Oh, also, minor thing, the possessed is a porn star. But yeah, thats probably it … and … the exorcist is a (kind of) janitor… and the climactic (yes…climactic) scene takes place at an orgy. There are drugs too, hilarious, Tony Montana shaming piles of drugs. I could give you a run down of the plot, but really its not that important, someone gets possessed and someone else has to deal with it. In this respect it is pretty much almost exactly like the original. Even if the theme song, which is one dud note off the classic tubular bells is the only non-disco track in it. I honestly, and I know this is controversial, the Exorcist being a bona-fide classic and all, enjoyed the Disco Exorcist way more than the (original) seventies straight faced film. I think, aside from the endless stream of infinitely repeatable one-liners, what it has spot on is the timing – it is what happens when someone who clearly has a great understanding of film making decides to make something outstandingly silly. What I need to get hold of now is the soundtrack…


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