The Worlds End

The Worlds End is a very well made film. You will realize this when you think back through it and notice that things that seemed completely inconsequential are actually thematically significant. The film follows a group of old reunited friends, they who have grown apart in time and life has rather got in the way of good old fashion silly adventures. By adventures I mean pub crawls. I am sure you can guess that whilst the name of the film is the name of the final pub, the end of the ultimate pub crawl, it also signals that something other than pub crawling might be up with the film. The thing is though,the main character is something of an asshole, and I really struggle with films where the main characters are assholes. I know its important that they are assholes, it is the only way that the events of the film can change them and we can watch them blossom into non-asshole lovely people. Films like this though usually require someone to, like, hang around with the asshole characters for a while, to help them on their journey, and this is usually just rather unbelievable. No one likes hanging around with assholes. Its a fact, I completed a fully peer reviewed and scientific study on over one human being, and they said that given the choice they wouldn’t hang around with an asshole. There you have it, the whole premise of the film, and the many others which follow this story arc, is a lie. Someone should make a film in the what I am going to name “realizing you are an asshole and changing it” genre that doesn’t have anyone else in it at all, like a sort of Into the Wild, but with an asshole instead of a bear. I am not saying it would be a good film, but at least it would make sense. The absolute worst thing about The Worlds End is that the main character is chronically unhappy with his situation, which is to say friendless and going nowhere. Two problems which its is more than possible to solve just by not being an asshole.


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