Jack Reacher

The eponymous hero Jack Reacher; when ever he speaks to a woman she sort of swoons a little and looks like she is falling in love with him. The thing is, he isn’t that attractive, and he doesn’t actually do anything to warrant this kind of reaction. Other weird things happen too, a bus load of people work together to protect him from some cops without even asking what he has done. He could have literally just committed a triple homicide using a crossbow, the night before getting a tattoo across his chest reading “protect me and you are next”. It would be a weird way of choosing victims, but the point is, the police come after some guy with many cars and a helicopter its safe to assume he did something a little off, don’t become an accessory to triple homicide people. The thing with all this silliness is that if it was in something which has always worn its dumb fun status on its sleeve, like the Expendables for instance, it would be fine. But this film has quite a few moments where we are invited to empathize with the victims (innocent victims) families, reminding us that the people who die at the beginning of the film are not simply plot devices, but people with lives and feelings and families who loved them. Its completely incongruous. That is not to say I care about those things, I am perfectly happy to watch movies where people get killed all over the shop in the name of good clean fun, its when they mix that fun with weird sentimental and emotional stuff that I get a little confused. To try and get to the bottom of the films tone problem I watched a little of the commentary. This didn’t help though, I was really hoping for a moment where the director explains “we were trying to make this light hearted and entertaining” or “this was supposed to be an emotional rollercoaster”. Instead we just have Tom Cruise literally saying how great everything is, including himself, whilst using the term “architecture of the shot” far too liberally. No one cares about the architecture of the shot Tom. No one. Suspend your disbelief and you’ll probably enjoy the film, it has a lot going for it, guns, car chases, a random old man who risks his life for someone he met the day before. Just don’t think about it as hard as the film maybe wants you to, and don’t bother with the commentary track.


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