Oblivion is a really good looking film. The production designer deserves a medal or something. I mean, its a dystopian future and whatnot, but it looks bloody lovely. If apple made them, this is like the mac book pro of dystopias. Its a sci-fi movie which wants you to think its way more intelligent than it really is. Which is fine, its a trend lately to take your everyday run of the mill sci-fi movies then try to add a nice extra layer of intelligent spread, just so folks might leave the cinema with blown minds. The thing is, mind blowing doesn’t usually translate into profitable movies, what with some people being rather stupid and that, hence the need to make you think its rather intelligent, when in fact it does some rather interesting stuff but explains it all so meticulously that it rather takes the fun out of it. That might be missing the point though, and the point is, this film looks, like, seriously awesome. The sound is the shit too, there are these drones, and they make all sorts of noises to let you know that they are going to kill you, the noises though are brilliant, all like c3po on crack. Its difficult to really explain the film without spoiling, though you should get the picture about fifteen minutes in I am not going to ruin what little fun the film has in that department. I do have a serious, deep seated and insatiable hatred for Tom Cruise, but for some reason they seem to vanish when I watch him in a movie. He is a good actor, he manages to not act like a douche for the whole duration of this film. Needless to say Jack (Cruise) is a man who has become unstuck in time. Did I mention that its seriously derivative? I cant even say what of though, that would ruin it too. So that leaves me with…well… its so pretty….I mean… its a good looking film…


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