Side Effects

So if you have not watched Side Effects yet you definitely should do that now. Then come back, because I don’t have a huge amount to say about it aside from its pretty good. Watched it? What on earth am I supposed to make of that ending. I mean I have no issue with guys dealing out justice, Batman, he is absolutely the shit, he can swing by anytime and sort out the bad guys in my town then stop by my place for a beer whilst we watch reruns of Adam West. Judge Dredd, also awesome, the whole point is that there is no jury and no executioner, just Dredd, all badass and cool. What Alfie, sorry, Dr Banks, hereafter named Agent Cody Banks, does is engineer a situation where he can indefinitely detain someone who has wronged him whilst giving her any cocktail of drugs he desires. This is a big, wonky step up from Dredds “I am the Law!” and Batman, whose whole deal is that eventually, after he has knocked them around a bit, the criminals end up in the clink. Agent Cody Banks though, ostensibly because of good old double jeopardy laws but more because he is clearly a nut case has nothing on his side that looks like legal due process. Absolutely it is murder in cold blood, almost number one on the bad crimes list, but nowhere in any legal system does the victim get to choose the length of the punishment, nor the form it should take. Its annoying too, I really enjoyed it when Agent Cody Banks worked it all out, started putting two and two together then making it all go his way again, even though they chicken right out of explaining how he explained all this to his wife – probably because that conversation would end with her realizing how cray cray he is – and when he gets one up on evil seductress Dr Sideboob I was really cheering for him. I really thought Taylor was going to throw herself out of the window at the end or something and be done with it, it might have made it a little more palatable, but what happens instead is she stays there, staring out of her window and contemplating her crime – becoming involved in an investment/murder/deception/affair – and who can blame her for seeing that as an attractive option.


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