Gravity is a big bag of rather infuriating contradictions. It is undoubtedly an amazing looking film, a huge part of the marketing was concerned with how long it took to make, to get every minute detail correct, the effort involved in making the whole thing believable. But really, it sort of feels like it would have taken a studio with a little more cash to throw at it a couple of years at the most. Its like the only reason this thing took so damn long was because someone made it all out of paper mache in their garage. This physical aspect of it though is believable, I have no idea what the inside of a Russian spacecraft looks like, but I trust the film to have got it right. What patently isn’t believable is the storyline. It would be difficult to spoil the film for you, from the word go its fairly clear what is going down, but its not revealing too much to say that the main character must have the luck of literally a billion lottery winners, to get to the end of this film. Except for one specific moment which is so infuriatingly close to defying the laws of physics that I cant even begin to describe how angry I am with it. Anyway it is a series of “oh shit…this is bad, how will this end up” tension building moments interspersed with some not tense kind of annoying moments. Nothing inherently bad there, everyone likes tension. Unless they have bladder problems. And you do have to have moments in between the tension or it is like watching Paranormal Activity and rather than enjoying it everyone leaves feeling a bit sick. So. The back story begins in the realms of non existent, then ramps up, honestly, ramps UP, to a “I really could not care less” sort of level. I couldn’t care less because it is such a lame attempt to get the audience to invest in the worst possible way. It crossed my lips: “well just die already!!”. With all their time tinkering with pretend spaceships they sort of forgot to write a story that you can really care about and had to resort to sort of cliche emo rubbish to get you to give a crap. I for one would have enjoyed this so much better if they had spent the same sort of time, with the same attention to detail making a movie where someone just kicks space butt, no fantastic luck needed, just turns up in space, does awesome space activities, hovers around being amazing then comes back to earth. There is even less story line there than Gravity, but that film would rule.


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