The Train

The Train is about the French resistance and those stalwarts of World War II films, the Nazis. They always seem to pop up in those World War II films, usually as the bad guys. Given the euro centricity of those players you’ll be pleased to know that (almost) everyone is American or English and no one speaks the language that they should. Accent quality varies wildly from ‘most hilariously bad’ to ‘no effort at all’ – leading man Burt Lancaster is the main offender on that second one, and Paul Schofield does some fine work as a Colonel whose motivation is all over the place. The Nazis have decided that they need all the art. I mean all the art that France has. They load it on a train, which foolishly they let some French people drive. About 90% of what then occurs falls into the category of “cool if you don’t think about it too much”, because frankly if this was how the war was fought then its a wonder either side managed to even get out of bed in the morning. With the recent release of similarly themed film The Monuments Men one hopes you’ll get a (slightly) more realistic view of the art issue in WWII – for now though the Train offers a healthy dose of Nazi antagonizing fun with a dollop of slightly ridiculous art whore mumbo jumbo thrown in for good measure.


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