Things Are Tough All Over

Racial stereotypes. They are ok right? Oh. They are not? Oh. Well … these ones don’t seem that awful. Any racial stereotype is bad? Oh. Well, at least the drug jokes are still here right! Thats a good thing. There isn’t as many of them though. Oh. Skip to the end. Tough all over is more of the same from Cheech and Chong. It has its moments, as do all of their films, and they work best here when they are making fun of themselves rather than their Arabian counterparts (or the nyphomaniacal French ladies who have an inexplicable appetite for stoners). Much like all the rest the film is a lot of skits stuck together with a pretty loose plot – its interesting to see some of the fun things these guys were doing years ago which have become, and in some cases are no longer, comedy staples. You can do worse than Cheech and Chong if you actually get stoned, or decide to get hold of some peyote, whilst you watch but really don’t expect to laugh to hard at a hairdressers confusion between herpes and hairpiece.


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