Hard Boiled

At one point in this movie Chow Yun-Fat raps to a baby. The rap part might have been a little bit of a wonky subtitle translation, he certainly isn’t kicking N.W.A rhymes at a sleeping child. Its more of a lullaby vibe. This is probably the sixth or seventh most ridiculous thing that happens in this film. That says a lot for a film which is ostensibly about a cop trying to stop a crime boss from getting … well … I can’t actually remember, weapons, in a warehouse, or something. There is also a dude who lives on a boat and a woman who keeps receiving flowers that are secret song codes. You read that correctly. Secret song codes. Its all irrelevant though really. What is important is that it all leads to one of the longest, most awesome showdowns ever committed to film. None of it makes any sense because its all underpinned by ridiculous “we have come this far, its win or die time” logic but that makes it all the more fun. Plus the amount of henchmen is outstanding. Anonymous, every one of them. Do henchmen have a union? They need one for this film.


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