Big Ass Spider

You don’t need a run down of the storyline? Here is one anyway. The big ass spider keeps getting bigger. Only one man can stop it. Thats pretty much it. This is no sharknado though, no slothcano. no tsunamiguana, no pirhanicane, no blizard. (That last one isn’t that great) It is better than these. It has a leading man who is
charismatic, slightly overweight and totally at one with the fact that he is in a really ridiculous situation. He also has a Mexican sidekick, which is dealt with in such a way that it almost isn’t problematic. He also has a love interest. The big ass spider isn’t actually all that important, the film would probably be as fun with a little tiny ass spider, or even no spider at all, because all these other people are such good fun to watch. Maybe it doesn’t have quite as many really silly moments as sharknado, or quite as many sloths as slothcano but at least it exists, unlike that second one there, and it really is great fun. Big Ass Spider shows that the stupid title low budget monster movie doesn’t have to be quite as dumb as a it sounds.


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