We’re the Millers

Every once in a while a film so predicatable comes along that you just have to watch it for the pleasure of being able to angrily shout expletives at its predictably predictable ass. We’re the Millers is one such film. So I sat down eagerly for 110 minutes of torture and was immediately thrown, the DVD menu shocked me by giving me a completely unexpected option – Theatrical Version, or, get this, Extended Version. I mean what a question. I thought it was probably going to be something like going to a S&M dungeon – it looks like good fun on paper, but once you are there you’ll do anything to leave. Anyway I masochistically chose the extended cut, I thought “want to give everyone as much time as possible to be predictable dont we?”. Unexpected menu options aside this was as predicatable as predicted. Its a (barely) heart warming tale of family and friendship loosly shoehorned into a story about drug smuggling with a healthy dose of sexism thrown in. Sexism so rampant that the film literally acknowledges it at one point with a sly wink to camera. Its not that funny either. The saving grace is the cast, all of which are relatively, and fairly consistently likable and are really the only thing which makes the film watchable. Beyond this though its probably easier just to imagine what happens in this film, then do something else, like book yourself in for a 110 minute session at your local S&M dungeon.


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