Woochi : The Demon Slayer

Really, in a number of ways the eponymous Woochi is a little like Harry Potter. He is a sort of wizard, in that he can do magic and he is a young guy who doesn’t seem to have any parents. If you remember there is that scene in one of the Potter films where harry takes some luck potion and basically becomes less of a sulky asshole, Woochi is that cool all of the time. Its great. He wanders around generally doing what ever he wants, because, you know, he is magic – he does the things Ron would have done had he not been trying to get into goodie two shoes Hermiones knickers (‘goodie two shoes Hermiones knickers’ is the name of some really awful HP slash fiction dont you know) and Harry sulk face Potter had not been there having bloody great wars with dark wizards. Largely the film is predicated on Woochi turning up, people underestimating him because he doesnt look especially hard, then him kicking their butts. The start is exceptionally confusing, I had a fair idea of what was up by about the hour mark, but really I found that sitting back and letting it all wash over me was the best method of enjoying the film because there were certain aspects of it I literally had no idea about, but that were awesome anyway. The set peices look brilliant, you can really tell the cgi, but that is ok – there are some things which my copy had translated as ‘goblins’ but they were much more like giant rat things that looked like they were the unholy child of lord of the rings and that Philip Pullman book with the polar bear in. Polar Express…No….Northern Lights….whatever. Anyway, no one knows what lord of the polar express rats look like so who cares if they are a bit computery – they look as badass as buckbeak anyway and everyone still cried when his cgi head didnt get chopped off. Thats another similarity, there is some epic time travelling in the film, and unlike ridiculous time turner nonsense it actually makes sense. The time turner doesnt make sense you say? No, the time turner is a stupid device which, had anyone decided to bring it along, should have been used every single time anyone got into a spot of bother – in fact, they could have used it to set up a nice big trampoline at the bottom of the tower and saved Dumbledores life. I’m assuming the fall killed him there, not the spell. The time travel here though makes everything far more exciting, and, as far as time travel goes, it is far more rationally done. The film is maybe a tiny bit too long, the end sequences are sort of outdone by ones earlier in the film, so feel like a bit of an anti-climax, but if someone wants to make seven more films about Woochi I am definitely going along for the ride. 


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