Night of the Eagle

Night of the Eagle raises a question most people will encounter in any normal relationship. What to do when it turns out that all your success is down to your other half being a dirty old witch. Seriously, it could happen to anyone. Of course, any normal person would tell them to stop being such a weirdo, burn all the witch paraphernalia and get on with their lives – any normal self respecting potential witch will probably agree that it was all rather silly and apologise profusely. What to do then when after said burning the success begins to unravel and the good fortune disappears? Watch the film and find out. The plot, which keeps you guessing for a surprisingly long time, is an added, though actually not entirely required add on to what has to be the best collection of hilarious accents I have experienced in a while. This twinned with the lead guys spectacular silk pyjamas and the awesome special effects make this one of the funnest movies in the “generally creepy goings on genre” – though it does have some strong contenders in the creepy department none of its early sixties cohort is quite as much fun, or has such pointless scenes in tombs.


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