The Crow

It is difficult to disassociate the Crow from Brandon Lees on set death – a task made all the more complicated by the subject matter of the film, which is rather morbid in itself. That Lee died is a tragedy for which the film cannot be seen as worthy memorial – it really doesn’t do his performance, or itself justice and I feel that had that event not embued it with such a pervading sense of morbidity it would be entirely forgettable. The film looks great, that the dark city is so well realised is impressive, and its use of miniatures more than holds up next to ubiquitous cgi cities we see now. The storyline though is anemic, its a straight up revenge storyline which is as predictable as it is dull, that Lee’s character looks as ridiculous as the bad guys doesn’t help at all – when Iggy Pop is genuinely the scariest bad guy you have there really isn’t any sense of danger. Without anything better to recommend it the film will always be remembered secondary to the sad story which goes along with it – which perhaps if they had stopped making it, is the way it should have been all along.


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