Our American Friend

Wim Wenders is one of those directors whose films are so varied and interesting that its always exciting to watch something of his with absolutely no pre-conceived notion of what it is about. Interestingly though I finished watching Our American Friend and still had the same feeling. It is not a negative thing here though. The film seemed to me like a sort of rich soup, not the type you get out of a can, but the type you make at home from left overs and cant be bothered to cut everything very small. Sure there is some overall flavour, but the film has nice big chunks. Its a sort of noirish crime story with a good dose of existential pondering thrown in for good measure – I wont give you a plot overview because I am not entirely sure its that important. Personally I felt like it was all about unlocking potential, adventure and the inherant thrill of danger and caos. On the flipside though perhaps it is about friendship, stability and doing the right thing. Who knows? Who cares? It looks great, sounds great and is interesting enough for a repeat viewing, maybe then I’ll decide if I think it needs to mean anything at all.  


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