Gin Gwai

Cornea transplants! Exciting stuff! Just the concept grosses me out, generally taking bits of people out and replacing them is weird, its even weirder when you think about the currently unavoidable truth that the replacement bits came out of dead people! Creepy. I mean, bloody amazing, fantastic, life saving etc, I am absolutely for advocating putting your name of the organ donation register if you have not already, its not like you’ll need those damn corneas. I always figured if they were cutting out all my organs it would be a sure fire way to avoid being buried alive too, which is probably … a really negative experience. Anyway, the film is all about a lady who has a cornea transplant, regaining the ability to see after losing her sight as a child. However, unless you thought this was going to be a heartwarming tale of sight restored, the world she sees is not quite the world the rest of us see. It is much much creepier. To explain more would really require explaining the whole plot, which is actually far more convoluted than the “has cornea transplant, sees creepy shit” concept would imply. The creep factor ramps up in the middle then sort of fizzles out towards the end, it could have gone way further – but what it does is by no means bad. That all of the main characters are quite likable is a bonus too. I felt a bit more concerned for our leading lady because she seemed like such a nice person – the grandmother she ends up staying with whilst she recovers is great and the sister only seems like a bit of a bitch because she is so intent on babying someone she seems to have largely left alone to deal with her blindness. They all felt like great characterisations, I wouldn’t say they made the whole thing more believeable, but they definitely made it more entertaining. As entertaining as cornea transplants should be anyway.


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