Ah classic Hitchcock. It is an issue. Virtually the whole world, even people who have not got televisions and are struggling to find something to eat have seen all the Hitchcock films, most of them twice. It is not that the films are undeserving, they are pretty good fun and all, but too often reviews of the hitch (I put that in there to see if I could get some google hits from people looking for that film, only to find this outpouring of rubbish) are written with a sort of vaguely tongue in cheek air of superiority. See what I did there, I called my own review an outpouring of rubbish so no one could accuse me of the same thing. Anyway, these critics, and, well, everyone, they might as well be saying: “we are in the club, the thinking Hitchcock is awesome club, you know. Its a very exclusive club of people who are in on the joke. You see his films are pretty old and all like, sexist and that, and most of the time there is loads of crap in them which is absolutely hilarious, we think they are great anyway. We are going to use words like ‘master of suspense’ and ‘mcguffin’ instead of words like ‘sexist’ and ‘hilarious’ just so people want to be in the club more. We were worried that laughing at sexism made it seem like we didnt really care about it very much. So far the club has about six billion members, the only people who are not in it are the extremely young and a small tribe in the Amazon who have no contact with the outside world. Even one of them thinks Vertigo is a masterpiece.” You see? They might as well just be saying that. The dicks. So here is my review, and I wont give away the ending, because Hitchcock specifically requested that no one did, and then all those dicks went and did it, because they thought everyone was in the club. Poor Amazonians. Psycho is a rather silly story about a woman who commits a crime then gets murdered. Its silliness does not detract from how entertaining it is though, you’ll have a good time trying to work it all out, and if you are seven years old you might be scared next time you have a shower. Watch out for the shots of stuffed animals, they really add to the creepiness, and incidently are integral to the story. Fin.


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