Frankensteins Army

With a name like that you’d think the point of the film would be to scare you, but you’ll be having way too much fun to be scared. By way of a plot that is frankly too thin on the ground to even bother explaining some guys end up in the underground bunker of the eponymous Frankenstein. This being World War II what else would he be up to other than grafting anything and everything together to make sort of zombie robots in the name of fascism. Well I say in the name of fascism, nazi soldiers end up in his gruesome melting pot as well. The science is as ridiculous as the premise, but we cant start questioning a found footage film which is ostensibly (though clearly not) filmed on a 16mm camera in this way. No one stops to take a light reading off a monster. Aside from one creepy scene, which could have been way creepier the scare factor is down at sub zero once you realise that the monsters Frankenstein is working on are a cumbersome pot luck of random mechanical parts, weapons and blood stained body parts – but no matter, they look bloody amazing and its brilliant fun watching them all wandering around. The third act is where it really gets creative though. This is more like Dr Frankenstein as you know him, he is crazy, but his intentions are perhaps noble after all? You’ll have to watch to find out.


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