Insidious: Chapter 2

Another day, another crap horror sequel. Insidious two looks like a fifteen year old won the lottery and spent all the money making a film – they got a good production design team on board, and the dp is ok, but they insist on using their script – full of wonky dialogue, every ridiculous horror movie trope you can think of, and a pretty endless amount of bits that make no sense at all… oh some of those bits might be dreams though so you know, thats allowed. There are a couple of genuinely creepy ideas in here (in fact, a couple might be over stating it a little) but to put it bluntly – it blows its load way too early on then doesnt cash in on some of its really good scares. Unfortunately the ending along with inclusion of ‘Chapter’ in the title there implies that there is more to come in the Insidious franchise, which really, if its going to be more of the same I probably will steer clear of.


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