2 Guns

This was pretty close to making it into my to top thirteen of twenty thirteen. This was before I decided it had more crap in it than similarly named 2 girls one cup. The comparison ends there though, because I would watch 2 guns again rather than trying to wash my eyes with soap and a wire brush. So it is kind of full of crap, but its really entertaining crap. Wisecracks are in evidence, which I cannot begin to explain how pleased I am about. I was honestly worried that they were beginning to die out, like using the phrase “good morn” to greet your bros, before a duel or something. Thinking about it the whole film is just a slightly flashier reboot of Tango and Cash, and mark my words when I say Tango and Cash was flashy, it had monster trucks. So it is all good clean ‘beat the bad guys, learn about the true nature of friendship, engage in some totally hetero fun man loving, shoot people’ fun times. The storyline is, frankly, ridiculous, but both Washington and Wahlberg are in fine form and carry it all along nicely. They play off each other well enough that you can forget that they are talking absolute silliness – especially the ‘were family’ type discussions which take place at moments when any normal human would be crying/running away/shitting themselves. As I said, I’d be pleased to watch this film again, I just wouldnt try to think about it too much.


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