Welcome to the Punch

The main issue here is that it all took itself a little too seriously. The gunfighting car chasing sillyness was excellent, but all the stuff which surrounded it was unfortunately a bit too straight faced. I think there may have been one wise crack in there, but really I think movies like this need at least eight or nine, and when the gunfighting/car chasing is this silly it really pays to up the wisecrack count to the mid twenties – see any of Stallones ouvre for evidence. Another aspect of the way in which this was way more serious than anyone wanted it to be was the storyline. Someone made the mistake of thinking that a really convoluted plot indicates some intelligence level way above this films station, when really the classic good guy/bad guy setup is all this needed. Welcome to the Punch isnt a really terrible film, it looks pretty sexy and all of the set peices are classily done, I just wish they had sweetened the deal a tiny bit with someone actually saying the title of the film before breaking someones nose.


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