The Internship

I cant be bothered to actually check this, because journalistic integrity does not apply to blogs where people write crap about films they watch, but I really think that google must have put up some cash to make this flick. It literally should have been called “go and bone google … seriously, get on your knees and take google”. There is no other way to describe just how much of this film is about how brilliant google is, there is literally a whole, really long, really really long scene, where a character we are supposed to assume has some level of intelligence cant get his head around the fact that google provides free food for its employees. Beyond the google boning its pretty inane humour with an equally inane message that goes something like “dont worry about things so much, older guys rule, experience is great, be friendly, humans are usually more powerful than machines at selling things, suck googles dick”. It is not a concise message, apart from perhaps the last bit. Vaughn and Wilson are their usual selves, funny because they work well together and vaguely convincing until you realise that they have not said a single swear word, its just a shame the situation they find themselves in is not as convincing.


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