The Exorcist

Having not watched this film in a good few years I had completely forgotten about the start, a mosey around some archeological dig in Iraq with some weird extra big penis statue moments thrown in. Its kind of Indiana Jones territory. Not Crystal scull though. Never Crystal Scull. Well this whole big dick statue part is pretty badly tied into the rest of the film, when this original dude shows up for the final exorcism showdown I barely remembered who he was. I was sort of confused because he croak about five minutes into the excorcism after barely getting called anything rude at all, even though he was bought in as some sort of exorcism veteran because he had done one before. Which took six months. Seriously, six months, the statue did have an epic schlong though. The Exorcist is fantastically dated, for someone who was not alive in the 70s to appreciate just how scary and or blasphemous this all was is quite difficult. It really does make you wonder quite what was going on to make this scary, its vaguely gross in parts, but even those bits are pretty hilarious. One day, should the world still exist in 2050 I may watch a movie released in 2013 and wonder, what was I thinking, this isnt scary at all, but that world will probably be like Total Recall or Blade Runner or something and no one will be able to play blu-ray anyway. When that time comes we’ll probably be able to make movies to order, dial up a film or two. Im personally going to use this exciting new technology to make ‘The Exorcist – The Iraq File’ and find out what really happened with that king dong statue.


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