The Woman In Black

In this 2012 addition to the Men in Black series the reigns are taken by a young Daniel Radcliffe, she looks like a boy, but the girlish screams and childish looks more than make up for this potential titular faux pas. With nary a noisy cricket in sight she dispatches with some invisible aliens with nothing but a lamp and a vintage car in what must be the least stylish entry into the M.I.B franchise. The Fresh Prince would be ashamed. Whilst the feminist in me decries the lack of women in the classic buddy franchise, this would be the worst idea ever. In reality its just a nice old ghost story, the point about Radcliffe stands, he is too babyfaced and ends up being as convincing as a father as he was at the end of the last Harry Potter. I never thought much of him as an actor because his dialogue delivery never seemed at all natural, but its not that important here because the best bits of the film are him wandering around a big spooky house alone – with no one to talk to but a dog. It has some good jumps and scares, the plot is all you need to get to those good jumps and scares and eventually it all comes back to the house, which is the real reason the film works. Its, big (bigger on the inside than the outside if looks are anything to go by) and absolutely full of creepy shit, a good portion of the film is spent just wandering around getting creeped out, and one thing Radcliffe does do well is looking a bit like he is scared. This isnt anything original, but its done well and is good for a windy night hiding behind a duvet, just dont expect anyone to turn up in a spaceship.


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