In his first live action film Parker from Thunderbirds reveals that far from being the picture of stiff upper lip obedience he is actually a rather over the top master criminal. Lady Penelope is nowhere to be seen as he ditches the pink car for something a little less noticable. Well to be honest he goes through about fifteen cars, but all those years as a chauffeur have taught him a thing or two about getting them started without keys, he has no trouble with any make or model. The plot of Parker hinges on the eponymous characters insistence on ‘order’, his particular brand of ‘order’ involves getting revenge on some bad dudes who cut him out of a heist – even though they offer to pay him back half way through. Whilst this slightly warped sense of ‘order’ almost certainly stems from his position in the strangely hierarchical world of the ‘International Rescue’ operation it is clear from the outset why he is simply the butler/driver rather than master of thunderbird 6. The plan he comes up with is so ridiculously convoluted that it is a small wonder he manages to achieve anything at all. His connections do come in handy though in that he seems to have unlimited access to fire department vehicles. Why they chose Parker as the focus of this film is clear, he was bound to be hiding some dirty little secrets behind that Limo screen, and hanky panky with Lady Penelope was never going to do it for an audience weaned on Marina from Stingray, so rather than waste money on another god awful Thunderbirds film they went with this spin off instead – and good luck to them I say – even though they have ruined their chance at a sequel with the rest of the squad because Parker shoots Jeff Tracy in the face at the end.


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