The Watch

I didn’t hate The Watch, and in that I think I may be alone, it was panned by basically everyone, and given how quickly it disappeared this summer I am not sure even the studio thought that much of it. I cant see what the issue was, I almost feel like saying “you went to see a picture with these actors in, and you expected something more?”. What the writers on this film have done is succesfully crafted a story (which vaguely works) around a group of actors who have been playing the same characters for literally years. Stiller even shows up in some spandex he stole off the set of Dodgeball. It was never going to win original comedy of the year, but its funny in an immature way, and I like dick jokes. Who doesn’t secretly like dick jokes? Just come out and say it, dick jokes are funny. A lot of the critics were throwing around the phrases “breath of fresh air” and “funny” and “king dong” about Richard Ayoade. Ok the last one isnt a proper quote, its a dick joke. But really, he was still playing the same guy he plays in most other things, he just has been doing it for eight years rather than ten like the rest of them. His gun weilding was slightly less hilarious than in Darkplace though. The point is, it doesnt matter, I didnt want him, or any of those other guys to be anything other than what they always are. I didnt want a deep pondering storyline based on what it is to be a neighbour under attack. I wanted dick jokes.


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