So I was watching the newer bluray version of this film. Apparently this matters because Guillermo del Toro put a heap of stuff that was cut from the theatrical release back in. Im a big fan of Guillermo, he is a director which consistently interests me and consistently entertains me, and absolutely none of his films is a duffer. I reserve judgement on large robot based godzilla movies recently released because I have not yet seen them. With Mimic the themes are broadly similar to a bunch of other 90s creature films in that something someone created thinking it would be a good idea actually turns out to be a shit scary monster that wants to eat your face, but that is a good storyline and who doesnt need to be told that its bad to mess with nature. Remember, nature will always find a way. – especially if you have messed with its DNA to make it sterile. Except in the case of donkys. There is some pretty bad psuedo-science in here about the evolution of insects but aside from this its all sound. Eh hem. This is pretty mainstream stuff compared to a lot of Guillermos other work though, I mean a heap of it takes place under ground in sprawling labyrinthine landscapes but there certainly isnt anthing which would immediately identify this as his work to you. There are also some pretty in your face horror cliches here too, but they are cliches because they are scary, so I didnt mind as a character fumbled behind a locker to retreive his torch, hands inches away from the horror below. From what others have said this cut is much more about the character development than the scares though, I have never seen the original cut so I cant comment, but I cant say I really felt like anything exceptional was happening. Its not a bad creature flick, with some better than average storytelling to get us to the showdown ending, but lets be honest, Jurassic Park had done it all five years earlier.


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