Three Colours Red

So we come to the last film in the ‘Three Colours’ trilogy. I had no idea they were supposed to be watched in any order in particular so it was a nice coincidence that I came to this one last. It is arguably the most complex of all the films thematically speaking, but with regards to actual plot its all rather simple. An older man and a younger woman are thrown together through circumstance. The man has become cynical, at at first it appears rightly so, about the people who inhabit the world around him. The woman youthfully believes that there is a little good in everyone. They end up learning a little from each other. Its cleverer than this though. The film, which essentially follows the relatively mundane comings and goings of a small neighbourhood, has the lives of the people who live there inextricably bound up in each other, the people barely know each other but they slowly spiral together, indeed, at the depths of this spiral we meet all of the important characters from the whole trilogy. The film is naunced and interesting without being unwatchable, the only issue I can really find with it, as with the other two ‘colours’ films is that it is ambiguous in its meaning, and it only really feels worth it if there is a meaning. But really, so long as we agree that there is something going on here, even if we do not agree on what it is, and that this isnt just rambling film making at its worst, then this isnt an issue at all.


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