The Sweeney

Unless you have been living on another planet (or do not watch Top Gear) you’ll know that the Sweeney features the ridiculous match up of a Jaguar XFR and a Ford Focus ST. The Jaguar tops out at 20mph faster than the Ford, so one assumes that it will always come out on top in a car chase. One however needs to factor in all the other things which come into play in a car chase, like acceleration, Jag is around two seconds faster to sixty here too, and braking? The Jag stops much much faster. In fact in every aspect, including interior noise at 100kph the Jag is superior. And we all know how distracting interior noise can be when conducting a car chase, it could be a major factor. What is the point here? Well if we start to unpick the car chase the whole film falls apart, we have to ask why that very same car chase concludes in a caravan park where not a single caravan is occupied, why Ray Winstone and Hayley Atwell have a love affair which literally made me laugh out loud, why this line of dialogue “the ramifications of your careless actions are going to have severe consequences” made it into the film, why half of the music sounds like it is lifted straight out of Batman (Dark Knight, not Batman & Robin) and the rest sounds like its from the Transformers (I dont think anyone has ever done this with a cop film before), why when a man pulls a small knife out does it make a sound literally like a Samurai sword. To be honest, why any of it happens at all is rather confusing. If you take the actual plot apart it makes about as much sense as a Ford Focus chasing a Jaguar XFR. But thats not the point, the film can never make sense, it features police work which should be referred to the U.N. as human rights abuses, it is not meant to be taken seriously. My real issue with the film was that it didnt have a great big pay off at the end, it was far too understated, out of kilter with the rest of the ridiculous action. The gun fights are good, the car chase is good, the story makes little to no sense, so is good, the dialoge is stupid, therefore good. The Sweeney gave me everything I wanted, its very much like a modern ‘Cobra’, except the love story in that was more realistic. One more thing, that soundtrack is brilliant.


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