The Bourne Legacy

Ah the Bourne series. Genuinely I have no idea if I have seen all four, one of them, two or three. This isnt a good prognosis for a series. I mean, lets compare to some other famous quadrilogies – Alien – all feature aliens to some extent, but I cant tell you, even though I have not watched them in ages which one has the most aliens in it (the answer is Aliens … right?). Die Hard, this isnt technically a quadrilogy because everyone agreed about a year ago to pretend that the last one doesnt exist, so we dont have to talk about it. Narrowed down to three makes it even simpler to remember which film features a youthful Severus Snape falling to his death a la Dumbledore in that Harry Potter where he dies. Oh you didnt know he dies. Spoiler. But the point is they are all different films which play with your expectations surrounding one central character, or flesh eating extra terrestrial. The Bourne films are just, all the same, so much so that even when the main character isnt played by Matt Damion Marley they still feel like he is there lurking in the background having some sort of shady parallel storyline. Oh, by the way, this film takes place at the same time as one of the other films, I am not very sure which one because as I explained they are all pretty confusingly similar, but as a consequence Matt Jr Gong Marley is having some sort of shady parallel storyline. Just FYI. Thats the thing, it turns out there are many more than one Bourne…people…I dont know what silly term the film uses, operatives or something, so potentally the series can go on forever, just more and more Bourneans running around, not dying, causing loads of problems for the government and the general populous of the countries they need to rampage through. Taken in isolation this is a good chase film, it ticks all the boxes. New Bourne matey, AKA Aaron Crossbow (I added the bow because it sounds like a much more realistic name for an ‘operative’) picks up some attractive doctor baggage, who by the way must have spent a shit tonne of money doing all her degree courses online when she was six years old, because there is no way a normal human could be that qualified at the age she is. These two run about all over the place causing lots of…well…death. Crossbow kills so very many innocent people in this film to save his own that you start to wonder quite what is so important that he has to do. Surely he will reveal the whole Bourne program to the world, the inhumanity, the pain it causes?! Oh no (spoiler) he is just going to go bang his doctor on a boat. The End. But then what do I want from a chase film? The end of the Italian Job is more satisfying? The thing is though there were not four Italian Jobs. 


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