The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey

So for reasons known only to him and whoever paid for it, Peter Jackson shot the film at 48 frames per second, rather than the usual 24. Ridiculous I thought, I felt like expectations of my eyes were too high, I can’t see that many frames that quickly, no one can. So I played it at the normal 24. This had two results. First it made the film just under six hours long. This wasn’t such a big deal, it just meant I would watch it in ten sittings rather than five. The other issue was that everyone talked really slow, and moved really slow and basically did everything really slow. It was stupid, what was Peter thinking when he made a whole scene of people throwing plates around really slowly. I watched that scene at normal speed and it was a pile of shit, it was even worse with everyone making whale noises. Anyway I couldn’t take much of it and had to accept that I would need to watch it at 42 f.p.s, even if it meant I’d miss some important frames whilst I looked at my shoe, which turned to be better than the god awful start of the film. It got better though, brilliant, completely pointless stuff happened, loads of it, just endless episode after episode of stuff that did nothing at all to forward the plot. One bit was so confusing, with millions of goblins or something running around that i just assumed everyone important would be dead, I was wrong though, none of them had but a scratch. I would suggest, rather than making the same viewing mistakes that I did, just skipping to the last twenty minutes, then skip those as well.


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