As the one hit rapper Obie Trice once said – “i watch gangsta flicks and root for the bad guy, turn them off before the end because the bad guy dies”. Same here, except, spoilers, Kenneth isn’t a bad guy, and rather than dying he eventually ends up holding down a job at lamesburys. Though previous to this all of the problems he spends 90% of the film making for himself are solved through the rubric of about five minutes low level crime. Really, what makes almost no sense is why he doesn’t just carry on being a drug dealer, and sometimes lifting money from flats. Even, it turns out, he is actually respected for his musical talent – but apparently all this can’t stand in the way of the respectable job. If we look at this purely in a “what does this teach us” way it would have made way more sense financially for Kenneth if it had ended five minutes sooner as Mr Trice recommends, even if its morally wrong to say that dealing drugs is lucrative. The thing is, dealing drugs is lucrative, I have seen drug dealers cars. This is funny though, even the bad guys make you think they would be entertainingly disarming in real life – until they steal your shoes. Also the soundtrack is mainstream grime, it was good to be reminded what 2007 sounded like.


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