Hansel & Gretel

My job isnt the most exciting thing in the world, its not terrible or anything, it can just sometimes get a little boring. One of my favorite things to do in moments like this is wonder how certain ridiculous scenes would play out if they came to pass. Like what if Jurassic Park had included Barney instead of the t-rex, or what if every Batman ever had been played by Adam West. I get a sense that Hansel and Gretel came out of this sort of thinking, someone sat down, maybe after having a few beers and began the conversation – “What if Hansel and Gretel wasnt for kids?”. Getting drunker and drunker the ideas keep flowing, “they could swear”, “the witches could punch them in the balls!” even “they could be smokin hot!”. Hey wait a minuite there drunk guy, Hansel and Gretel are kids man “no, not in my version which exists at this point entirely in my head, they are grown up… and they are both hot”. Imagine this goes on for maybe three weeks – then make a film out of it. What is great about it is that it absolutely knows its ridiculous, but everyone plays it pretty straight anyway just because it makes it more fun. Some bits I am a bit unsure as to if they are actually meant to be funny or not though, and thats the blurry line between irony and badness. I think I enjoyed this more than the raft of other adultified fairy story films which have come out recently, this was more fun and didnt even bother to try to make itself seem more intelligent with an overly complicated plot. Ok one more – what if Bill and Ted had been waiting at the end of the river in Apocalypse Now.


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