1939 Battle of Westerplatte

I am no expert on military hardware, but I can tell you that the amount of tracer fire in this film is seriously inaccurate. This is what I have become now, one of those guys who picks apart every last detail of a film in terms of accuracy alone. I have also started to collect trading card games and play computer games. Ok I have not gone this far, my disposable income doesn’t stretch to card games and I am seriously awful at computer games. But honestly, this would have been better if they had just put in gun fire noises, we didn’t need to see the bullets flying around. This was a good film aside from this, one of those weird ones where because its a historical event which is pretty well known you know how its going to end, so its interesting to see what they do with it. What really doesn’t come across is quite the scale of the attempted attack, maybe because of a lack of extras, but always thought thousands of Germans died at Westerplatte, in this film about seven or eight do. It does a good job of showing what the defenders were up against aside from this though, shellshock, injury, disease and desertion are all here. Actually it sounds a bit depressing like that, but then I guess war wasn’t a barrel of laughs.


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