The Room

First I must apologise to all two of the regular visitors to the site. I am still without internet and its getting to be a real bore in the asshole. The term bore in the asshole amuses me greatly though so its almost alright. Console yourself in the knowledge that I also do not have a sofa yet either, so am writing this on a phone whilst sat on a chair which may collapse at any minute. Rendering me dead. None of this, aside from the fact that I am in a room has anything to do with “The Room”, but then, if you have seen “The Room” you’ll know that the title has nothing to do with anything that happens in “The Room” anyway. If you have not seen it then I urge you to do son it is a film so hilariously, so brilliantly, so obtusely bad that it is in fact a work of pure genius. To explain more is to ruin it. Anyway, the reason I re-watched, aside from it being far better the third, fourth …. time, because you keep noticing more and more ludicrously hilarious things, is because I wanted to check something. One of the classic, chewing the scenery to bits limes of the film is “you’re tearing me apart Lisa!!”, which, aside from the Lisa, is a quote from Rebel Without a Cause. I just didn’t realise it until now. I had to watch Rebel again to check (I will write about it tomorrow) but its delivered in almost the same silly way Maybe we have underestimated The Room, maybe it is all made up of slightly more obscure quotes from films we love! Maybe this is why it makes no sense! Sounds like the perfect excuse to watch it a few more times to me.


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