Room 666

So I have to stop procrastinating and write something about all the Wim Wenders films I have watched. The story goes like this, one of his films gets recommended to me, I cannot remember which, but anyway I see there is a collection available and think why not. Little do I know (I could have known, I was too lazy to check) that this collection has like fifteen films in it. I kind of liked the idea of some of his films, but fifteen films, none of which have anything like titles which evoke explosions seemed like sort of a slog. I got through it though. High up the list though was Room 666 just because of the lot this did sound vagely exciting. It is not my place to do any sort of research as to what a film is about before I watch it, that’s for wimps who think their time is too valuable to waste it watching crap. I actually am very busy, i just want to challenge the very foundations of our film selection habits, everything is valuable, give everyone a chance. Perhaps a noble sentiment. Well Wim really threw a spanner in the works with this one. What he does is hands a bunch of film makers a paper with a few statements about the future of film on, then leaves them alone with the camera to respond with their rambling incoherent thoughts. Its sort of lazy film making in that it required nothing more than a camera and a bunch of famous director friends. Its mildly fun in that some of these people became real big players in the film industry, but mostly I fought an epic mental battle to not have a mid film snooze. It feels a bit like a decadent DVD extra. Not awful but not the main feature. The issue is the name. The name sounds bloody brilliant. I was like “yes, he’s going to shut Spielberg in a room with a super 8 camera and threaten to cut off his dick unless he talks about films” and this was even before I knew the basic premise of the film. I have a book somewhere called “interviews with directors” so maybe it was just that the obvious name was already taken. I think my Spielberg torture porn version sounds more exciting though and will be working on the script all summer. I just need Werner Herzog to play the disembodied voice of Wim issuing sinister instructions over a loudspeaker. Close Ups of the speaker will save actually having to hire Wim and avoid disappointing Herzog who I hear is having a real problem finding anymore interesting caves to exploit, and is looking for work.


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