So, Hannah Montana film. Nah, I am joking I didn’t watch a Hannah Montana film. But I might do, one day, don’t think I won’t. To be clear. I won’t. This Hanna, aside from somehow misplacing a h from her name is very similar to Hannah Montana. She is blonde, and most of the details of her life are made up. See. Almost the same person no? Well whilst Montana face uses her made up life for pop superstardom, and to learn valuable life lessons (one assumes) for Hanna lying like an asshole it is one of the many skills learned in the persuit of becoming a cold blooded killer. Lets be clear, Hanna is a brilliant film. The soundtrack is off though, and its a bad film scholars wet dream. Its full of symbolic bullshit, the most blatant involves a persuit by some sort of secret agent types under the watchful eyes of billboard posters for spectacles. This is just lame, I mean what does it even add to the film, no one is going “oh, that chase scene was made so much better by the symbolic use of posters depicting watchful eyes”. The climax is even worse, though it does look pretty. Just be grateful that every film isn’t like this, bad things would happen, Sam Jackson would have walked onto that plane past a poster for a dodge viper.


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