Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is vaguely scary, but I didn’t shit my pants. I have never shit my pants over a film, so that is not the best way to judge scare levels anyway. The ‘how scary’ question almost addressed there we can move on to the primary issue with the film (spoiler) aside from the father figure in the film being a total asshole. The demon actually turns out to be a vilociraptor from Jurassic Park. The evidence is right there in the form of clearly discernable Dino footprints at the end. What has happened is that the raptor has laid its eggs in the upstairs closet, and the children have discovered them. We know from JP3 (aka triceraflops) that if you mess with a raptors eggs it won’t claw your face off. All the other weird things, the duvet removing, strange noises and objects moving can be put down to having a broody raptor in the house. This is why the film isn’t scary, which is an impressive feat, the JP raptors made me nearly poop myself (nearly) when they were running around that kitchen, here their kitchen shinannigans come off more as a cry for help from a busy mother. poor raptors.


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