Notebook on Cities and Clothes

You may not have noticed that nothing has appeared here for a while, certainly less than the usual thrice weekly outpouring of rubbish. This is mostly because I was moving, and had no internets, or time, but it was also because I was watching every single Wim Wenders movie ever. Well maybe not every single one, but an awful lot. My interest piqued by the one about angels I watched a while ago I thought it might be fun to watch lots more. I was only half right. This was not such a good one. I should have guessed from the title, never has a more non-committed name been chosen for a film, its like calling Star Wars “some things which happen in space” or Forrest Gump “Things which happen to a man”. Actually that Forrest Gump one is pretty good, you could use it for Benjamin Button too, because it is the same film. Anyway, as the title “notebook” implies this is just Wim and other people rambling on about cities and clothes, occasionally saying something profound and arty but mostly just talking guff over shots that are also a bit overly pretentious. Stay tuned though for more Wim action, everyone loves Wim, because his name is great!


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